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AS WE READY OURSELVES FOR THE 1997 ROYAL RUMBLE WHICH DEFINITELY HAS TO BE BETTER THAN THE LAST TWO DOESN'T IT I MEAN COME ON one's thoughts turn to what Derrida called "archive fever" because this is thousands of words at this point man and there are still an awful lot of Royal Rumbles to go although holy cow this is the tenth one! And we all knew the mid-90s were going to be the toughest slog here so this is a KBO situation basically.

We are inside the spacious Alamo Dome in San Antonio Texas and so much has happened since last year, so very much: Shawn Michaels has defeated Bret Hart in a pretty rad match at Wrestlemania XII and as such "consummated a boyhood dream" however at the recent Survivor Series event PSYCHO SID got the best of him and also caused mentor Jose Lothario's heart to explode and so that is the day the Boy Toy grew up, we are told. And so Shawn Michaels will attempt to regain his title in front of his hometown crowd. OK! On commentary we have V. McMahon, J. Lawler, and not yet "good ol'" but nevertheless J.R. The Spanish guys are here as usual and this time around we've got Raymond Rougeau and Jacques Sr. there for the French-language broadcast which I don't think they really stuck with for long.

Our opening contest is between the arrogant Hunter Hearst Helmsley who is the Intercontinental Champion at this point and so presumably no longer in the doghouse for what I believe our dear friend Puddintaine previously referred to as "unrepentant bro-hugging" or something to that effect AND HIS OPPONENT Goldust who has revealed to not in fact be queer (I use that word in the enlightened and progressive sense) but instead merely misunderstood and he has not taken kindly to Helmsley's recent attempts to add Marlena to his stable of lovely consorts, of which Curtis Hughes is apparently one. Oh man is this the one where Chyna debuts and rag dolls Marlena? I kind of hope so. 

Alas, it is not. That must have happened on Raw or something. Anyway this match is OK but only OK, a *wild brawl* on the outside for the most part and lots of shenanigans and belt shots and things like that and in the end a Pedigree. At one point Helmsley forcibly smooched Marlena which is not acceptable. Also it would appear that the guy with the long dark hair and the dark glasses who is always in the front row for the big shows on the east coast made the trip. Hey there's his weird little buddy, too! 

Prerecorded comments from Bret Hart and Mankind are pretty solid but diverge wildly in tone, as you might expect. 

WE ARE THE NATION LIVE AND IN COLOUR YEEEEAHHH and one wonders if Jacques Sr. and Raymond Rougeau at ringside reflect on the position of the Quebecois as "The White Niggers of America" in Pierre Vallieres' term and if they are inspired by this display of back nationalism and if you don't know anything about that whole situation in Quebec in those years it is pretty interesting and worth looking into. Ahmed Johnson is now fully recovered from a ferocious side kicking and is ready to take on Black Power Farooq here at the ROOOOYAL Rumble. lol Jim Ross is like "they're gonna go to the STREETS they're gonna take it to THE STREETS" and I guess they do eventually as in the end everybody hits the ring and it's a DQ and as I wonder if either JC Ice and Wolfie D are on soundcloud Ahmed Johnson sends a guy in a suit and black-power bow-tie off the steps and through the French announce table with a Pearl River Plunge and yeah man "White Niggers of America" what did I tell you now they don't even have a place to sit and speak the language that is their birthright. 

Pretty good crowd on hand! 

Prerecorded comments from TERRY FUNK WHO IS TEXAS BRED AND TEXAS FED AND BORN TO RUUUUUUUMBLE and in the backstage area Ahmed Johnson is denounced as an Uncle Tom by Ron Simmons and if there is one thing the World Wrestling Federation knows how to handle it is angles involving race.  

Next up we have Vader and the Undertaker and I see no reason to think this won't be at least OK. The wind sounds in the Undertaker's theme are like way way way higher in the mix than I have ever heard and I am wondering what the deal is with that exactly. Jim Ross brings up the excellent point that as unbeatable as the Undertaker has been at Wrestlemania, he tends to get his ass kicked a little at the Royal Rumble so we'll see if that trend is going to continue here tonight or what. I should point out to you that all of these dudes in the preliminary matches are nevertheless scheduled to appear in tonight's Royal Rumble match in case you were wondering why they are burning the Undertaker and the man who some have been known to call Vader in the undercard. So far, I have no problem with this match: some solid clubberin from Vader, which Undertaker responds to by sitting up and looking at him. They are inside and then outside and then inside again. The Undertaker does his rope walking thing but Vader who has scouted that maneuver well shakes the ropes and it does not end in success for "The Dead Man." Todd Pettingill is in the crowd conducting truly horrible interviews with the likes of country star (I gather) Colin Raye and then a young lady who saves her babysitting money and follows Shawn Michaels everywhere BUT NO TIME FOR THAT NOW AVALANCHE IN THE CORNER YEEEEEAAAAAAH CLOTHESLINE AND ANOTHER ONE FROM THE SECOND TURNBUCKLE VADER YEEEEAAAAAAHHH. The first thing to come to mind for me on the subject of Vader is how Bret Hart wrote that Vader didn't seem to have the most hygienic habits with regards to his ring gear and often when you wrestled him you would come away with a rash lol you have got to stay on top of that situation Vader come on.

The Undertaker turns another second-turnbuckle clothesline attempt from Vader into a powerslam which is pretty cool but only moments later IT IS A POWERBOMB but the Undertaker kicks out of it and it is no big deal. He tries that rope walking business again and strangely Vader doesn't no how to deal with it this time around. Here comes Paul Bearer and oh yeah I remember this; it is really stupid. Chokeslam from the Undertaker, who then does that cool back roll over the ropes that he does to go outside and he is clearly displeased with Paul Bearer and tosses him into the ring. Vader is back in now so shenanigans must temporarily cease. Aaaaand they're back outside. That sure happens a lot now (by "now" I mean "then"), brawling on the outside in most every match, and it is evidence of the pernicious influence of Exteme Championship Wrestling in my view. URN SHOT URN SHOT URN SHOT as Paul Bearer comes off the apron to the outside and now it is a VADERBOMB and now Vader and Paul Bearer are shown to be buddies. Again, this is stupid. The Undertaker is up now and he is like "WHA HAPPINT?" and he chokeslams the referee for dereliction of duty and he then feebly strikes the ring post with a chair to further demonstrate his dissatisfaction with the shoddy state of affairs in the World Wrestling Federation. And yeah it is in fact totally like Jim Ross said: the Undertaker does indeed tend to get his shit pushed in at the Royal Rumble.  

Who else has prerecorded comments for us? "STONE COLD" STEVE AUSTIN for one and he talks about how he is NOT going to talk about anything until he tosses twenty-nine pieces of trash over the top rope and advances to Wrestlemania to face the champ! Also we get the British Bulldog who is going to win tonight's Royal Rumble BECAUSE HE IS BIZARRE lol I had totally forgotten about that and also about his head-to-toe denim look accented by a fanny pack as he wheels his luggage from the rental car to the Locker Room Area. 

SIX MAN TAG! SIX MAN TAG! We've got Fuerza Guerrera, Heavy Metal, and Jerry Estrada against Perro Aguayo, Canek, and Hector Garza! I really liked getting CMLL on the Fight Network when I had cable but I cancelled it almost a year ago! Oh OK these guys are from "AAA" but whatever. One of the dude is like VIVA MEXICO and like three people in the audience are like *viva mexico.* The referee is a rad old dude with his black shirt largely unbuttoned and a lavender headband and a ponytail. Heavy Metal yells HEAVY METAL LOVES USA and like three people go *heeeeey.* This is pretty good lucha libre flippery I guess but by this time WCW was giving us tons of this kind of thing weren't they? You totally feel the presence of the MONDAY NIGHT WARS on this one btw with the occasional NWO or Flair signs making it on camera. Vince doesn't know which guy is which and Jim Ross has to correct him and Vince is like "err aahh ok" and you really do need a Mike Tenay type or something here don't you. Anyway this is falling pretty flat: the announcers don't know what to do with it and the crowd is completely indifferent so I guess this is just an idea that missed the mark. You can see why they would try this in San Antonio I guess but it is like dudes are flying all over the place and there was just a corkscrew dive from the top turnbuckle to the floor and the crowd was like *whatevs.* The crowd didn't care about that, nor do they care that they are 60,477 in heavily papered number (I remember Dave Meltzer saying one time!). 

AND IT IS NOW TIME FOR THE ROYAL RUMBLE MATCH ITSELF and this is going to be a ninety-second one which is not ideal but not necessarily ruinous. At number one we have Black Power Crush which never made much sense and at number two we've got Ahmed Johnson and this should be WHITE HOT given the events of earlier this evening but they are not in fact white hot. Number three is the Rick Bogner BIG TITAN version of Razor Ramon which fifteen years later I still don't know what the idea was there exactly. Johnson tosses him almost immediately and lol we are told that there are problems with the clock which is like well fuck me why even have a Royal Rumble if you can't count down and go ERRRRRRRRR? Ahmed Johnson spots Farooq who maybe was supposed to enter but it is hard to say because the clock isn't there and anyway Johnson jumps over the top rope to chase him so his night is done so far as legitimate Royal Rumble action is concerned. So it's just Crush out there as Phineas Godwin is led to the ring by Hillbilly Jim so that's good for Hillbilly Jim I guess and then *GLASS BREAK* DUN DUN DA DUN "STOVE COLD" STEVE AUSTIN strides to the ring and guys this just in Steve Austin is fuckin bad ass but he has the boots put too him pretty good by Godwin for a minute there but right after Godwin tosses Crush he is met by a STONE COLD STUNNER and then Austin jaws at him on the ground in the most thrilling way ever and you all remember exactly what I'm talking about and then he throws him out in a violent and excellent way. Here comes Bart Gunn and would it be too much to ask for another kick-wham-stunner situation? That is probably a little greedy of me but Gunn is clotheslined over the top in short order and lol Austin is doing pushups and now he's sitting in the corner looking at his watch which is in fact his wrist tape and lol THERE we go there's the clock and it's awesome to have tens of thousands of people count down to the next guy isn't it? 

Here comes Jake "The Snake" Roberts who Jim Ross tells us is entering his record sixth Royal Rumble but I would have to double check that because that doesn't sound right. I mean wasn't Martel in that many? Anyway Roberts has his moments in there with his King of the Ring 1996 rival but he gets tossed just as the Bulldog enters the ring and now he is into full-on tights mode. It was like, braids and pants, short hair and tights, as I recalled, so you can understand my surprised I trust when a couple rumbles ago the Bulldog showed up with the goony braids and shorts rather than pants but that's all been sorted out now. The next guy in is a luchador named Pierroth who I know nothing about at all I am sorry. I've got to tell you I'm not loving this ninety-second thing but it is not crippling. 

Next in we have The Sultan who is Fatu/RIKISHI accompanied by the Iron Shiek. The Bulldog has Austin in trouble but don't worry he is sticking in there. MIL MASCARAS! Finally it is a lucha guy who the people here are into and in fact they are SERIOUSLY into him as he lays into the Sultan for a minute. In the other corner, Pierroth is up around the turnbuckle and Austin is holding onto to him but is himself being held up in the air by the Bulldog and it is delightful actually. Intercontinental Champion Helmsley is in now and he actually had a much better build before he went for all the size imo but what do I know. The Sultan is out and it was the Bulldog who got him I think. Here comes Owen Hart *avec* Slammy! Owen and Austin go right at it and yeah we are but a few short months away from the whole sit-out tombstone piledriver situation aren't we. Austin and the Bulldog are tied up along the ropes and Owen races over to try to eliminate Austin but OH NOES he has eliminated his tag team championship partner the British Bulldog! He claims it was an accident and though in general he is not to be trusted I believe him here . . . oh wait the replay suggests OTHERWISE.

Goldust is the next one in and for whatever reason like four dudes are trying to eliminate him. CYBERNETICO! He goes right for Mil Mascaras! Mil Mascaras is probably in great shape for whatever age he is but up close he looks pretty fuckin old. Here comes Marc Mero with the future Mrs. Lesnar and Mascaras is on a rampage man first it is Cybernetico and then it is Pierroth and now he is up top and he dives to the floor atop Pierroth! A mental mistake on the part of the veteran and the crowd is sorry to see him go. Goldust eliminates Helmsley with a clothesline and Owen Hart makes the crowd go OOOOOOHHHHH with an enziguri on Austin. 

Here comes the Latin Lover and at this point I think it is fair to say that having all these AAA guys in here was a mistake. If the idea was that these guys would be super popular in the building and that would make for a super exciting atmosphere and as such super excitement for all concerned, that has not materialized. But on the other hand give me randoms from promotions I don't watch over dumb mid-90s midcard gimmick guys any day, you know? 

Owen Hart is having a pretty good night: there goes Goldust. Here comes Farooq now, actually, so what was the deal with him coming out for a second earlier? He's number eighteen so we're really getting there aaaaaand there goes the Latin Lover and just when it looks like Steve Austin and Ron Simmons are about to do some stuff that might be cool Ahmed Johnson comes bombing in with some pretty serious lumber and he drives Farooq up and over the top rope. Owen Hart and Mero get dumped out over the corner by Austin who is alone in the ring for a moment before Savio Vega enters and you might well recall that these two had a heated feud that culminated in a strap match on pay per view thank you Jim Ross I had forgotten! Vega takes it to Austin for maybe a minute but then a clothesline puts him out and while he is now feigning complete exhaustion he is also beckoning whoever might be next and it is pretty cool. lol it is JESSE JAMES THE REAL "DOUBLE J" AND LADIES AND GENTLEMEN THIS GUY SUCKS BUT DON'T WORRY BECAUSE HE HAS BEEN ELIMINATED. 

Austin is alone in the ring again and he first raises his arms toward the crowd but then switches it up to a A-FUCK A-YOU arm motion and then he chills for a second and then he has that awesome worried reaction when the Hitman's music hits but he gets passed that pretty quickly and instead is like BRING IT ON and fuck yeah this is what we are here for is it not as we think about how the Survivor Series 1996 was actually even better than the 1997 Wrestlemania match that was also extremely awesome! You know what, Steve Austin alone in the ring as Bret Hart walks down the aisle is one of the best things that has ever happened in the Royal Rumble ever ever EVER. Man another thirty seconds of these two in the ring together would be vastly preferable to this ninety seconds and SHARPSHOOTER SHARPSHOOTER however Hart breaks the hold as Jerry Lawler leaves his ringside announce position to enter the ring and be immediately clotheslined out by the Hitman in what is actually a totally good comedy spot. 

Hart continues to work Austin over as the next competitor is upon us already and it is Fake Diesel DDS in I guess his second Royal Rumble and I think I remember most everything that happens from this point on pretty vividly. Given the demographics of CKC I would suppose that we are now entering the period of wrestling where probably all of us were waaaay into this stuff or maybe I am just projecting because in 1997 man I could not get enough of this professional wrestling let me tell you. Anyway this is going to be great. Here comes Terry Funk with some pretty sick vertically striped leggings beneath his black trunks. Ahahaha Bret just saved Terry Funk from elimination at the hands of Austin and then Funk was like FUCK YOU BRET HART SHITTY PILEDRIVER FOR YOU RIGHT NOW and here is ROCKY MAIVIA and he goes after Austin and his hair is already way better than it was even a few short months ago at Survivor Series although there is still a lot of room for improvement there too. lol the King is like I CAN'T WAIT TO GET IN THERE and they are like dude you already were and it's actually pretty funny even though I have very little time for Lawler as I have already mentioned. Terry Funk teases elimination like he was Shawn Michaels + Ric Flair x 1000000000.  

Mankind is in next and he goes after Funk while Austin and Bret are doing cool stuff in one corner (a nice suplex from Austin) and Fake Diesel is working on the Rock in the other corner. Sleeper from the Hitman but a jawjacker of a counter from Austin. OH FLASH YOU ARE SOOOOO FUNKAAAYYY and also the forerunner to Brodus Clay. FUCKING AWESOME jumping piledriver on Austin by the Hitman and a cool as hell leg drop as Jim Ross notes that Terry Funk and Flash Funk are no relation. 

Three dudes left to enter and the first of those three is VADER who is a Rocky Mountain Monster! Vader is going after Hart and has already given him a rash. Mankind is just sitting in the corner rocking softly. Vader throws Austin into the ropes and hits him sooo hard. Henry Godwin comes in and levels Vader which kind of kills the buzz a little actually. That means the Undertaker is our last man in and the lights drop for a moment which is kind of cool and this is it everybody's in and we are looking at Rocky, Vader, Fake Diesel, Vader, Undertaker, Flash and Terry Funk, Bret Hart, Austin, and Mankind. 

Undertaker with the chokeslam on Austin, then Vader. A right hand to his future BROTHER OF DESTRUCTION or whatever. AAAAAAAHAHAHAHA Vader just like fall-away slammed Flash Funk over the top in a totally underrated Royal Rumble elimination. Austin has been in for forty minutes AND OOOOH Rocky almost gets Bret Hart but he does not and I will remind you that the Rock has always had very good things to say about Bret Hart because of how much he supported him in the early going whilst certain others were like "come on vince this guy is a dud with awful hair." Yikes Henry Godwin hit the Undertaker from behind in a way that sounded like it really fuckin hurt and I wonder if it did because a moment or two later the Undertaker puts him out with a pretty nasty looking two-handed choke pickup. Or perhaps I have just been "worked" or even "trimmed" in my capacity as a mark? Mankind catches Rocky in a Mandible Claw as the Rock comes off the top and he's out and then Foley suplexes Terry Funk out of the ring BUT OH MY the Undertaker puts Foley out with a big boot and so Funk and Folety mix it up on the outside as is their hardcore wont. 

BRET HART HAS ELIMINATED AUSTIN to a pretty big reaction and holy shit did he spit on him too? that's awesome but the referees were too involved with Funk and Foley to see it and Austin sneaks back into the ring and eliminates Vader and the Undertaker and Hart (who had knocked fake Diesel out a moment before) and STEVE AUSTIN IS YOUR WINNER AND BRET HART IS IRATE AND BERATING THE REFEREES AND THIS IS AWESOME LADIES IN GENTLEMEN THIS IS HOW YOU RUMBLE THIS IS HOW YOU ROOOOOYYYYYAAAALLLL RUMBLE! Bret Hart flipping out at the referees and Vince here is pretty close to his best work. Austin's music continues to play but he cut out of there pretty much immediately. This is so fucking good man this is it this is fucking *IT*. Basically the gold standard for professional wrestling for my money is Bret Hart and Steve Austin wrestling each other or talking about wrestling each other man it LITERALLY gets no better as far as I am concerned I fucking LOVE THIS AND IT IS UNLIKELY I WILL EVER SETTLE DOWN but I have got to at least try 

OK so the World Wrestling Federation Championship match that follows is totally serviceable and good but not really much more than that perhaps owing to the fact that they are saying that Shawn Michaels is suffering from the flu (or perhaps the "flu like symptoms" that haunt baseball players seen at the Brass Rail or other establishments like it the night before a day game? who can say) and when they do a little interview segment with him lol it looks pretty legit and he looks like complete shit as he comes out to the ring to a hero's welcome ALTHOUGH he finally has that nightmare of a hairstyle under control and it only took him like six years so a job well done really. World Wrestling Federation Champion PSYCHO SID who won that title by hitting everybody with TV cameras after the Madison Square Garden crowd pretty decisively turned on Shawn Michaels iirc enters the ring and stands beneath flaming letters that spell SID which is dope. I had totally forgotten how he would fist bump people as he came to the ring yelling WHO'S THE MAN. For whatever reason when I think back to this true golden age of wrestling awesomeness I completely forget about Sid and I really need to correct that. The match itself is I guess not quite as good as say the fine-but-not-great Bret Hart vs. The Undertaker from the year before, which is totally understandable if Shawn Michaels has SHOOT INFLUENZA and Sid at his best isn't as good as the Undertaker so there you go but it definitely has the better finish, a finish of a kind we would all come to know very well in this period: after HBK survives a Sid powerbomb on the floor (he put him down so gingerly though that it would have been better to do a regular power bomb in the ring imo), we get a "ref bump" and a chokeslam from Sid and he gets the "visual" pinfall but there is nobody to count it UNTIL THERE IS but Michael's kicks out of the second referee's count. With that second referee down (they are wearing striped shirts by now btw which is a big step in the right direction) Michael's exacts a measure of RIGHTEOUS CAMERA STRIKE VENGEANCE but Sid kick's out of a groggy Hebner count at the last instant but THE BAND IS TUNING UP and it is sweet chin music for the pinfall and your NEW WORLD WRESTLING FEDERATION CHAMPION IS THE HEART BREAK KID SHAWN MICHAELS and this was a totally OK match with an exciting finish but what could compare to the end of that Royal Rumble match? ALMOST NOTHING EVER and so that is what I am left thinking about as the lights go dark in San Antonio and man there was that awesome FINAL FOUR match a month later wasn't there and then Bret/Austin at WM13 and then the whole summer with the Undertaker and the HBK stuff and then by Survivor Series it was all over . . . 

Actually this is for me a natural spot to look back a little bit because this is my favourite wrestler Bret Hart's last Royal Rumble so let's take a look at things he had to say about some of the Royal Rumbles in which he was involved, shall we? Let me say for those of you who do not have it that "Hitman: My Real Life in the Cartoon World of Wrestling" has a better index than any popular press or academic book I can think of; it is EXHAUSTIVE.  Here we go:

ROYAL RUMBLE 1988: Bret Hart came out first, as you know, and he says he went as hard as he could for the thirty-six minutes he was out there thinking that he could impress Vince enough to get a decent spot on the card at Wrestlemania IV but he ended up in the thirty-man battle royal (though the Bret Hart/Bad News stuff was pretty cool).

ROYAL RUMBLE 1991: "The Royal Rumble did nothing for me, Jim or Davey Boy."

ROYAL RUMBLE 1992: He hated the angle where he faked a fever and dropped the belt to Rougeau so Piper could win it and drop it back to him at Wrestlemania because it put him off the card for the Royal Rumble and he wanted the payday an awful lot more than he wanted the weekend off. Also Hart thought it was bullshit that Flair brought the WCW belt because it demeaned all the guys Flair had worked with back there. He also thought Flair winning the Rumble and the title made the entire WWF look weak.

ROYAL RUMBLE 1993: The Luger Narcissist thing was a dud in his view because even though Luger was in great shape he looked oddly small in the ring; Shawn Michaels totally carried a "drunk and unkempt" Marty Jannetty to that solid match and Jannetty was fired immediately afterwards; Lawler had a lot of "heat" with wrestlers who had worked for him in Memphis so when he showed up in the WWF a bunch of guys stole his crown and shit in it; Hart liked Backlund a lot because one time in the early 80s in Japan Backlund bought beer for the whole bus and says Flair and Backlund working together brought out the kid in him; he thought Gonzalez was a nice guy but it was painful to watch "poor Undertaker" out there with him; The "Razor Ramon" name was Curt Hennig's idea in case you had ever wondered and Bret was *terrified* of taking his finisher and called everything. After the PPV: "At the hotel, someone pointed out to me that Dave Meltzer was lurking about int he lobby, reluctant to come into the bar. Eventually, my mom introduced me to him. Meltzer was very polite and a bit nervous as I glared at him. I whispered to her afterwards, 'He's no friend of mine, Mom."

ROYAL RUMBLE 1994: Bret and Owen "smartened up" their kids before the big angle between them which is solid parenting imo. On the finish of the Royal Rumble itself, he says that it was totally all Luger: "Lex controlled how we went over, and it was a testament to his skill and professionalism that it came off so well."

ROYAL RUMBLE 1995: On the Diesel match: "Vince was worried that his new superstar could end up a total heel, which would be bad for business. My fans wanted me to get the belt back, and I assured Kevin that the only way to go was to let me be the aggressor, yet keep him strong [. . .]. Afterwards, Kevin shook my hand and thanked me for giving him his first decent match as champion."

ROYAL RUMBLE 1996: lololol "Royal Rumble marked Shawn's first appearance since his face was mashed, and he won for the second straight year in a row, dancing and twirling around the ring and pulling his tights right down past the pubic line. Things like that mad me and a lot of the boys wonder about Shawn."  Bret Hurt his knee for real in the Undertaker match and felt like it didn't do anything to build him for WMXII and let me tell you this: I agree with Bret Hart.

ROYAL RUMBLE 1997: ahhh so maybe it wasn't Meltzer who told me the San Antonio Dome was heavily papered but instead Bret Hart, OK. He really like the stuff with Austin but was beginning to feel like maybe they were running out of directions for his own character. "But nobody came close to the terrific job that Shawn did in the main event with Sid, not even me. Afterwards I went to Shawn's dressing room to tell him that I was proud of him. He thanked me, and I thought everything was fine between us." BUT OF COURSE IT WOULD NOT BE until the air was finally cleared on that dvd they put out that you should totally watch. 

ALRIGHT when next we speak THE ATTITUDE ERA will be well and truly upon us will it not?

OH YEAH FINALLY here are two videos first the Bulldog then Austin's reaction when Bret comes out:



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